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Are you an engineer, a motor mechanic, a machinist, a tradesman, a DIYer or any other hobbyist? Do you spend your weekends out in your shed, in your garage or pottering around the garden? No matter what you do and how you do it, we have a workbench that’s right for you.

Lockit provides adaptable, customisable and lockable workbenches suitable for any environment.

Designing, developing and building at your workbench should help you to be more organised and simplify your life but often it leaves one feeling frustrated, unable to find tools, screws or whatever you need to complete your latest project.

If you are looking for a tough, sturdy, reliable and durable workbench that has been designed by tradesman – then the Lockit workbench is for you.

lockit workbenches



Lockit has been a long time in the making for developer and designer Rob Mawley an engineer who was unable to find a suitable mobile work surface on which to work, and securely store his tools. As a result the idea of Lockit came to fruition.

Rob with a background in orcharding and engineering is primarily responsible for the design, manufacturing and operational aspects of Lockit.

Tony Hocking, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, with approximately 14 years in the financial services sector and approximately 25 years working in business advisory and consulting roles, is primarily responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of Lockit


It is almost bulletproof! The extendable side allows plenty of room for up to 8 children at a time to be working. We would highly recommend the STEAM benches for all levels of the school. Don’t show your caretaker or you will need to order more!

Kimi Ora Community School

We have used it inside a traditional classroom, in our STEAM hub and outside in the workshop and garden. It has met our needs for all of these areas.

Kimi Ora Community School

Our senior school have been trialling the Lockit STEAM bench over the past few weeks. It is a hugely practical, flexible and transportable way to house STEAM equipment.

Kimi Ora Community School