The Lockit Professional Workbench is built from powder coated Zintec steel providing a professional and attractive looking finish for any work environment.

The doors on these benches open to 270 degrees tucking away safely alongside the casing ensuring they are well out of the way when being used. With a durable top, in a choice of 18.0mm plywood, 5.0mm steel or 8.0mm marine grade aluminium. The castor wheels are each capable of carrying up to 180 kg ensuring the workbench can be easily moved.

The two steering wheels lock holding the workbench securely in position. The 200mm deep bin drawers can hold up to 35 kg each, with the toolbox capable of holding up to 90kg – storing and organizing tools and equipment is no longer an issue with the Lockit Professional Workbench. A sliding tray under the top provides a clean and dedicated area to store plans and drawings. One latch opens and locks the doors and external drawers in one easy action.

Custom extra’s may be added to your workbench:

  • Steel Top
  • Aluminium Top
  • Plywood Top
  • Vice
  • Light fitting

If you would like to know more about the Professional Workbench, please email us.