Lockit provides adaptable, customisable, and lockable workbenches and with their castor wheels, they are moveable from place to place.
The workbenches are suitable for schools and gardeners, tradies, petrol heads, fisherman, seamstress and painters – plus many more business and DIY use.

Lockit Benefits

  • Adaptable and customisable
  • Lockable
  • Built on lockable castor wheels so moveable from place to place
  • Powder coated Zintec steel providing a professional and attractive looking finish
  • Doors on our benches open to 270 degrees tucking away safely alongside the casing ensuring they are well out of the way of incoming shins and knees
  • Sturdy, reliable
  • Built to last


origional workbenches

Lockit Original

junior senior workbenches

Lockit Junior/Senior

custom made workbenches

Custom Made Orders

toolkit workbenches